Becoming me 

I can’t believe I am finally doing this. It’s so exciting that after years and years of unwanted jobs and other people’s expectations that I can proudly say that I am doing something that I love. I can now tell people with a wide smile and with out hiding my face that I am on what feels like a never ending road to becoming a published author and actually feel at peace with that.

Let’s face it, the cliche of life gets in the way of almost everything we would secretly love to do or accomplish within our short lived timeline of life. I say short lived because many of us are not actually living up to our full potential and back when I was a preteen I actually thought this day would never come. (You know what I’m talking about). The day you couldn’t wait to live on your own. The day you would make your own money and finally get to pick out and purchase you very own dream car, and having children that you could actually handle and most importantly getting that job you always dreamed about and mastering it. (I’m sure some of these examples given sparked a fire in your brain from memories of those days you thought anything were possible.) I am not a psychic but I can almost predict you reminiscing on those moments in your life and saying ” How I would love to go back” or ” I don’t know what I was thinking” or my personal favorite ” Yeah but then life happened”.

But why would we love so much to go back to those preteen years?  

I think it’s important to know that the only reason we want to go back is because maybe that was the only time that we even remotely believed in our selfs to the point of wanting to speed up to get there. To go back where we could easily say those things but not yet being old enough to go through the trails that have to happen before we actually get there. When knowing  that our goals are farthest from our reach it’s easier to say them because it is a process and in our case we knew as well as everyone else we couldn’t pursue them yet because we were just too young.

But are you sure you didn’t really know what you were thinking? 

Let’s recap this in just a few sentences. At that age we are at our purest form. We didn’t say those things about our future because we were told too, but rather because we were told that we could. We were told for years that “we” could be anything our little hearts desired. I don’t think the question per say is yeah what was I thinking? I think it is more along the lines of what happened to make me stop believing that it could?

My favorite remark that I have screamed to the top of my lungs until I was blue in the face when asked about my future..

“Yeah but then life happened.”

It wasn’t until two years ago that I realized that my life didn’t go as planned because life happened it was actually because my life had stopped. (If you have not realized that yet it’s okay it took me 11 years) 

We are so use to going to work and taking care of the kids that it seems almost impossible to pursue our true calling. It is also safe to say that even some of us get lost along the way. Although some of us may still be trying to figure what our true calling  it’s never to late. There have been some people that did everything by the books and became millionaires by the age of 25 and some that did not even start until 25 and are just as successful.

It’s no secret that life undoubtably throws you hurdles but it’s your decision if you jump on faith or if you stop to be cautious. I know from experience that if you are cautious your life will not be as fulfilling as you had anticipated. So the day I pursued my writing career or the day I chose to go back to school was the day I stopped being cautious. Be brave in your life like when you were little. Be brave today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life you would be surprised on how far life can take you.

Developing this blog is another way that I am proving myself to be brave. I’m not sure how much social media traffic will find their selves here reading the things I write about, but I’m brave enough to see what happens and know that I will be proud of myself for trying either way.

I will be here to talk to anyone about any of life’s hurdles. I can give you tips and inspiration also even my own personal experiences (good or bad). The only thing I can’t do is make you do it.

If you have enjoyed reading it share to someone else who you think might enjoy it as well. Also feel free to comment and tell me when your life happened or even when it stopped.
And remember to be brave…..

2 thoughts on “Becoming me 

  1. 👏👏👏👏👏👏Yess girl!! Always enjoy what you write, but I LOVE this!!! Its soo true! I get it all, 27 and just now about to graduate college! Took me a while, but have loved every minute of it and especially the things that happened along the way to get me here! I can’t wait for your books to be published so I can own the whole set! Love you girl and wish you all the best in your journeys!!💙💙💙💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww ❤️❤️ Thank you so much and you already know you will get signed copies of the whole set🙃 You have always gave me encouraging words and I appreciate it tremendously. I’m proud of you too and can’t wait to see how far your career takes you.


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