Don’t Grow Up to be like me. Please Grow Up To Be Better Than Me.

First and foremost;

I want you to know that I never knew what unconditional love was until I held you in my arms, heard your first cry, and witnessed your first smile.

I’m overjoyed that you look up to me and want to be just like me when you get older, but please don’t be like me be better than me.

I know it sounds impossible because to you I am the super mom. After all I kiss your boo boos, tickled you until you couldnt breathe, I cook your favorite dish, I am your doctor and the referee between you and your siblings, I read to you every night and tuck you in after saying your favorite prayers.

I know you want to be like me when you grow up, but please promise me that you will grow up to better than me.

“Mom what do you mean?” You ask me in a bit of confusion.

Don’t get me wrong I deeply appreciate that  I am your favorite person.

But I want you to be better than me in everything that you do. I want you to go through school with your head held high not afraid to ask the teachers questions when you do not understand. Remember the teachers are their to assist and help you learn. Don’t think that you are less of a person because you don’t know the answer and please don’t get frustrated because you “just don’t get it”.  Everyone learns at their own pace and that’s okay.

I don’t want you to get offended when someone tries to bully you, but to understand that they are sad on the inside and have issues that you probably couldn’t even imagine. If you see someone that is getting bullied or even a loner who is eating lunch by theirselve don’t be scared to sit beside them. You would be surprised how a fast a simple smile could turn their world around.

I want you to make friends but focus on your school work and after school activities. Half of those so called friends will not even be your friends the next year. Some of them will lie on you, get mad at you or talk behind your back and some may even find new friends and forget all about you.

But don’t worry about those people because those people do not matter. Don’t think it’s because you are a bad person. it is just that you all will be at an age where you all are changing rapidly and learning what makes you happy. You may have one friend that will stick with you throughout the years to come if your lucky enough you may even have a few more, but remember that quality is better than quantity.

Leaving elementary school will be terrifying and also exciting. Don’t feel overwhelmed going to a bigger school with triple the students.

Be proud that you have made it that far. You are still trying to find yourself in this world and on top of that your body is changing to and I’m sure your hormones will be in overdrive.

This is the error that we will begin to disagree and you will get more courageous at testing my patience.

It’s okay because I have been there before with my mother. So I will understand but please know the punishments that I give are to help guide you and teach you for those similar moments later on in life.

Try not to get caught up in the middle school drama. I know there will be a few times you can’t help it, but don’t let it consume your life.

I know you will have plenty of crushes and maybe even “date”a few but please don’t get broken-hearted if things don’t go the way you thought.

Don’t be scared to talk to me I will give you advice or just listen to you. I will try my best to be there for you and not to judge. But if for someone reason I do please understand that even though I know you are growing fast you are still my baby and when you are hurt I will feel the same way.

No matter how many times we argue back and forth remember it’s because I love you.
Don’t be a victim of peer pressure. You don’t have to cuss to be cool or drink, smoke steal or lie or even cheat. You are cool enough without all of that.

It’s easy to fit in but don’t choose to be the lesser few that choose to stand out. You may not feel like it’s the right choice in that moment but later down the road you will be glad that you did. These are the years you get a little more freedom so be careful what you do because every situation has an outcome. Don’t be afraid to call me when things like this happen I will be proud of you that you did.

Once you get to high school I’m sure that the peer pressure will get worse and you will have already found your “clique” but please do not settle for just any kind of friends.

Choose the friends that would never hurt or betray you intentionally. Choose the friends with the same dreams and goals that you have and try to achieve those goals together year by year. I have learned that you will never get more than you settled for.

I’m not going to put it past you that you might wind up going to a few parties or skipping school maybe even trying drugs. I’m not saying I don’t care if you do. I’m saying I was that person (yes me your super mom) many years ago. So I know you will become more private with your life and that the realationships will seem more intense.

I’m aware you are going to try new things and get mad at me more often. But please just don’t grow up to fast take your time and enjoy those high school days. These years are very critical to your future.

Never have sex without protection and don’t drink and drive. Because even though you will be at an age where you think I don’t know anything and you know it all I don’t want you to forget that I am your mother, your protecter. I will guide you through all of those high school hurdles the best I know how.

Get a head start on a brighter future so you don’t have to struggle later. Don’t believe every person that says they love you. Don’t ever feel that you cannot be the next president because you can be anything you want to be as long as you believe you can.

Never settle to make someone else happy. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and chase your dreams and if that means you have to let certain people go that doesn’t mean that you “changed up” it simple means that you are growing wiser. Never allow anyone to talk down on you because you are worth more than you could ever imagine.

You may not understand this now, but when you get older I’m sure you will pass this on to your kids. See the thing is I love you more than my own life and I want you to be nothing less than happy in this life.
To my baby momma loves you❤️

Don’t be like me, darling be better❤️

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