To The Guy Who Cheated..

You didn’t just break down my self-esteem, my self-worth, but you took away a good amount of my time that I have left on this earth. It doesn’t matter if it was one week, three months, a year or maybe even three.

My life is just as valuable as yours and how dare you take that away from me it wasn’t yours to take. But I trusted you with my heart and my soul and you let go so effortlessly.

All of the memories we shared you swept them under the rug and left me alone. The kisses and back rubs you used to give me now you are giving those to someone else.
For days, weeks and months you made me feel like it was my fault.

I would stare at my reflection and couldn’t remember the last time I felt beautiful, secured and loved.

With mascara running down my tired cheeks from screaming and begging you to stay and asking why her. I lost apart of myself that I will never get back.

You didn’t just cheat on me but you cheated me at living a care free life that I was once had. You swept me off me feet and I trusted you to carry me always, but instead you sent me crashing onto my knees asking why her?

You damaged my heart, mind and soul. You made me lose trust in man kind and you altered the way I see love. What use to be elegant colors have now turned a few shades darker.

You sent me into a state of depression and I for so long was afraid that I would never find anyone that would love me unconditionally.

You promised me forever when we don’t even live forever. For so long I let you consume my life even after the breakup, but I can’t allow you to consume my thoughts anymore.

So ex- boyfriend I forgive you not because you are worth it, but because I am worth way more then you could ever give me. I’m not going to lie I am still unsteady and over cautious about the relationships I walk into, but I never thought you would break me into pieces and you did but it didn’t kill me.

I will no longer waste my tears or thoughts on you. I will walk the rest of my life with my head held high and slowly my heart will transform into what it was before you broke me.

You didn’t know break me permanently, but temporarily.

I have finally came to the realization that I fell in love with a boy who didn’t exist.

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